Sora's birthday by pandapaco

Sora's birthday


19 September 2016 at 15:44:00 MDT

Eeeh today is the birthday of this guy, one of my best friends, Sora

I knew him when he was 14, ooh what times, he had a very funny hairstyle that looked like a fungus. I was very worried about him being in the fandom in that early age, surrounded by many adults. But he has been strong and have learned a lot, I'm very proud of him, he is now a great artist with an awesome style, please visit his gallery:

I'm very glad he's a local fur, probably if it were not for that, I wouldn't be interested on talking with him, haven't you thought about that? There are people we start talking on internet for similar likes and we become really good friends, and it is very exciting when we met in real life. But what have happened with those friends who we met in real life and they are really good friends? Would have it been the same if we were knew them on internet? Sometimes I think about it, and the answer is probably a "no", because we didn't have similar likes but knowing each other in real life is what created the connection between us, it's what I think! But for sure each case is a whole different story.

Happy birthday, folf!!

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