Parinton ref sheet by pandapaco

Parinton ref sheet


14 September 2016 at 18:33:47 MDT

Heey, do you know? Despite having started being a panda since the year 1998, when I was 9 years old and I went to the Chapultepec's zoo and see the giant panda with my eyes, there in front of me, in person.... but without knowing about the furry fandom until 2007, thanks a friend from the college who asked me if I was a furry, when she (now "he") saw my drawings with pandas, foxes, raccoons....and not being officially part of the furry fandom until more people in a Devmeet asked me the same, and they were a little group of furries in my town who introduced me the furry fandom.... now in the year 2016, 18 years after the decision of being a panda (I think that's the age of many of you), and 9 years later being part of this fandom, now having a fursuit, many furry conventions attended, being what many people considers a "furry trash", because the fandom is now part of my life.....

I finally decided to do a reference sheet of my fursona.

I introduce everyone: PARINTON!!!
Yes, that's his name, it is also a long story about why his name was that, why I didn't introduce myself as Parinton, but PACO, many many stories about this character, how his story started, how I imagined him at the beggining, how this guy has represented me stronger than my own human look, but probably I'd write a whole novel on this description.

But maybe the question many of you will ask: "Why is Parinton tailless?"
The answer is: Pandas have no tails as the rest of the bears, probably you'll argue that indeed they have, is a tiny odd white not-so-fluffy tail, but just check it out, it is almost invisible:

And I'm fine without a tail. If I had a tail, I'd prefer to have a raccoon's, those guys have a very lovely tail!! But I'm a regular panda, and I've never been of create hybrid characters (I'm okay with them, some are very original and cool, but in my universe just exists regular animals).

What I know is that I'm very proud of being a Giant Panda, even if I love raccoons, foxes, bunnies, turtles, grizzlys... I'll never change my mind of being a Panda bear. And I'm very happy to know we are not endangered anymore n__n

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