Oliver and Scooter badges by pandapaco

Oliver and Scooter badges


14 July 2016 at 15:15:23 MDT

Commission of traditional badges for Oliver the otter and Scooter the squirrel.
Delivered at Anthrocon

You can see a pic of those cuties wearing them right here:

It was curious that I had seen that otter fursuit at MFF and BLFC, and I had taken pictures before, thinking he was the cutest otter fursuit I have ever seen, and suddenly he wrote me on Furaffinity asking me for this commission, and he was noticed that it was me who took those pictures before (I just thought he could think it was a random guy who took pics of him, as many others always do, I never imagined he knew me).

Happily I did these two traditional badges (that are color pencils and markers), for him and this cute squirrel. I loved how they get, and I'm glad they loved them. It was nice to know them, to could talk with them, not just take them pictures, hehe. And could give them a tight hug.

Ooh, and I wanted a picture with them, while I was in the artists' alley, so I asked a random guy if he could take us a picture, he nodded, took my camera, we smiled for the picture, click, it's done, thank you random friendly guy! thank you Oliver and Scooter, byee, see you around!! And at the time to see the picture.... take a look of it:

At least I'm going to see them again, hopefully, at other convention.