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My Panda life


18 April 2016 at 16:33:43 MDT

In this life there are good and bad times, there are ups and downs, that what goes up will surely be down, but not always keep down, it always have the opportunity to climb again.

Happiness, that's a very devatable topic, if it really exists, if you really can find it and stay with it, or if it is only in happy moments, and what matters may be the amount of those moments, or the quality of those.
Each will give you a very differnt definition of happiness depends on the point of view, depends on how has lived each person.

In my personal opinion, I think that happiness is measured in how much you proposed in this life, how you could achieve, how many happy times you had, how many goals you reached, how many mixed emotions lived, as even one can not realize what is happiness if we didn't had sad moments, broken hearts, if we didn't live with anger or rage. Everything must have a balance, so it is always good to vary, experience, know a little of everything. Well, we only have one life, one must live to the fullest.

This pic is very simple, few details, but I liked to present it as an example of my life, which seems to live locked up but I really feel free, where they seem to live in the clouds but I'm really playing ground, and surrounded by those little things I enjoy in life.

I think I'm happy, I'm right now a good time of my life, and I wanted to remind me in this image. Surely something will happen years later and give me homesick this, or think that I was very wrong, or miss these very good moments.

I always like that, do for myself a little letter that I can see years later, and always thinking what I could think about myself in a few years, and what I now think of myself a few years ago. But now I wanted to leave this letter with this pic to the internet to share with all of you.

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    Aww this is really cute. I love the drawing style, especially on the character's face.