Interview with Apolo by pandapaco

Interview with Apolo


4 January 2016 at 21:05:00 MST

This is a gift for Apolo, who lent me his laptop for this christmas season, I needed to work so I was on a rush with that, my laptop broke off and I had a pending commission for Christmas. I need to thank him infinitely for it, not any person lend a laptop for more than a week. That's why I decided to give him this drawing.

He did an interview to me some months ago, then we became friends. He once mentioned me he would love to interview Art and Biro if that could be possible, probably Biro would talk a lot all the program, but Art not the same, he would be shy and still mute.

What questions would you ask to Art and Biro, if an interview to these two characters could be possible? (Biro is the one who will answer all questions, Art won't tell a single word)

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    Arturo is so adorable! <3

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    "What do you guys do in your free time?"

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      Biro: I write stories, or play, even if I'm alone, always is fun, Art loves music, and he plays the bass, so he plays the bass in his free time.