Posadas 2015 by pandapaco

Posadas 2015


22 December 2015 at 13:26:49 MST

This is something I repeat every year.
It's a mexican tradition that I love to share with friends, also with my imaginary friends.

Mexican posadas are parties before christmas, where we sing a traditional song about the journey that Joseph and Mary did to find a good place where giving birth Jesus safe.
With candles and fireworks, the party continued with breaking a piñata, that represents the devil and the seven capital sins (that's why the piñatas has 7 peaks).

I really want to hope to all my watchers, friends and family merry christmas. Have a great time and eat soooo muuuuuch!!!

Characters in this scene are (left to right):
Nemorio (the panda), Julio (the grizzly), Art (the raccoon), Biro (the fox), Roni (the dog), Rocky (the little raccoon that is on Roni's head), and Parinton (the panda).

Traditional. Color pencils.