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Midwest Furfest 2015 by pandapaco

Midwest Furfest 2015


Midwest Furfest 2015, Rosemont, Illinois.

This picture was done on October 2015, but I didn't want to submit it to my galleries after the FurFest convention gets over.
I don't know how to describe what a good time I had there, it was really awesome, incredible, fabulous, amazing.....

Surely I'll be there again on 2016, as the same to Anthrocon.

It was my first time I participated on the artists alley, many people told me they didn't see me, sorry guys, I just was there on Friday, the rest of the con I wanted to be ON the con, fursuiting, making friends, participating in other activities as the fursuit parade, and having so much fun. But coming back to the artists alley, what a good experience!! For sure I want to be there on each con, it is really fun to be drawing, meeting new artists, talking with new people, meeting people who found me and I just knew from internet, doing sketch comissions, aaah that was really great!!

I also had art on the art show for sale, all of them were sold, that was really great!!! If you were one of those who bought something from the art show, it would be really awesome if you share a picture of it!!

This picture was also published on the Con Book on the 5th page. That was great to see, I was really happy when I opened the conbook for first time.

Many good experiences, many new and old friends, MFF has been, I think, the best furry con.

And yep, there is Art and Biro on this pic. My little cute kids.