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Big City PG30: Ready? by Pandactyle

Big City PG30: Ready?


5 February 2016 at 17:22:37 MST


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    Your idea of dark seems to be different from mine. That was a really quick battle XD Did we miss most of it or is Persephone that awesome (and furious) that she OHKO'd the Clefairy?

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      xD Ah, the Cleffairy is the easy part. It's the Miltank that's hard. Persephone kicked the crap out of Cleffairy, but to bring this around to make an interesting story, and since poke'mon can "die" in a nuzlocke world, I figured I would make it more threatening in a sense. xD

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        I only found out nuzlocke was a thing when I looked up that tag on these comics XD I have been occasionally offing pokemon in previous fics because I could never make sense out of how something like a hyperbeam that you can see from space just "knocks out" an opponent.

        The eye reflection thing does work really well :)

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          Oh for sure. In the comics from waaaayyy back when, they even attempted to kill the trainers all the time, too. The gym leaders were all evil, too! Haha.

          Thanks! I'm glad it worked well! It was a last minute addition. :P