Into Woods PG28: Celebi's First Appearance by Pandactyle

Into Woods PG28: Celebi's First Appearance


1 December 2015 at 12:10:59 MST

As a little catch up for those who may be lost...

The poke'mon were stolen from their trainer their first night in Ilex Forest.
They won over the Gloom Chief's daughter, Demeter (or at least Artemis did).
The evil Noctowl would like to take over the entire forest and has plotted for a long time.
He takes his opportunity to steal Herme's trust. (He's hurt and confused over his feelings toward Artemis.)
Noctowl helps Hermes evolve and then plots an attack on the Oddish tribe.
Noctowl didn't tell Hermes his full intentions, and Hermes is against it, but knows Noctowl is strong.
Lokii is angry because the oddish have welcomed him to their home whille they were lost.
He(Lokii) goes against Noctowl, gets a bit beaten, but when Ally shows up, he evolves!
Because of Ally's interference, the Noctowl views her as a weak point for Lokii and attempts to attack her, but Celebi interferes and stops time.

Sorry that's a bit TL;DR. xD It is a lot to take in!

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    Gosh that descrription though, good way to catch people up!

    Btw typo: Page "73" syhould be 27 I imagine.

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      Oh! That's my bad. xDDDD
      It says page 27 to notify me of how many pages I have in this specific chapter, while total, that is page 73 out of all chapters. X___X So far, this is my longest chapter, and I'm trying REALLY hard not to make it over 30 pages, but I have a feeling it probably will at least hit 30...

      For example:
      There are 12 pages in chapter 1, but instead of saying "page 13" for the next page, I start it back at 1 for the next chapter. <3

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        Oh I see now, aha dur me. Sorry about that xD (I never read the desc that closely until now)

        Meh, it's what you can do. You can always end a chapter on a cliff-hanger. Common thing, but your choice.

        I see I see, aha thanks for explaining I have no idea why I didn't notice before????

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          No no! It's fine. @___@ It's just a way to tell me I'm being too ambitious with my chapters. <3 hahaha!