tectael -- sketchpage commission by Pancaked

tectael -- sketchpage commission


22 February 2021 at 10:45:57 MST

Hello there folks welcome to Traditional Commissions are now closed until the current queue is completed, but I'm chug-a-lugging along through.

For 30$ you can have your very own sketchpage just like this one. This price is limited as in march they are going to be raised.
- 30$ gets you an interaction shot with one of my oc's, of your choice for which one, a waist up of your own, usually a bust shot if there is enough space at the top right corner and if not, I will surround it with little bust shots or chibi heads.
- 50$ gets you an interaction shot with two of your own characters in the top left, a LARGER interaction shot at the bottom, and usually if I can fit them two head shots alone scattered along the page. If I can't fit two, I'll ask which you would prefer to have it, and divvy the rest out with chibi head shots surrounding the page as much as I can fit. They will be different expressions to be used to your heart's content.

Please follow my TOS, and keep things sfw in the request section for these, they are being drawn in the general public and in a book that is often times rifled through without my permission at tomes. Just how it goes.

If you would like to order one, please contact me on either art page below. Twitter is the quickest way to get ahold of me.

Art belongs to pancaked / @hellostarrysky
Characters belong to tectael / pancaked.

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