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OTA -- Adoptable by Pancaked

OTA -- Adoptable


13 April 2020 at 14:39:51 MDT

OTA Adoptable -

Starting Offer - no less than 25$
If offers reach over 35$, NSFW version will be included
AB - 200$ will include colored waist up x 2 and icon, no base.

Rules -
Do not claim artwork as your own, nor design (unless altered design, please credit back for the original)
Do not resell for more than you paid (unless art is added / purchased to the design)
Original base is by duccidraws and will be credited as such.
If won, please provide a toyhouse account to send the character to.

What to offer -
Cash > Characters > Art
Character trades honestly I am less likely to look at due to the gigantic trade folder I already have which can be found here. If interested, please contact me via DM's of whichever site you find me on.

Base belongs to duccidraws / @artsuwu_
Art and edits belongs to pancaked / @hellostarrysky