Pokemon Ghost -- Redo by Pancaked

Pokemon Ghost -- Redo


17 October 2018 at 15:14:49 MDT

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Enjoy the gigantic flood of art today guys because holy shit do I have a TON of stuff.
Haha you guys thought I wasn't going to reupload my absolute favorite piece? YA'LL NUTS. Of course I would! I loved the detailing and style way too much for just a stupid PHONE image! So here it is, my trainer sona in all her glory with a small collection of personal faves!

If you would like to perhaps drop me some markers for some art in exchange, check out my wishlist here! Just note me for my mailing address, use your own cell phone for the tracking order information, then screenshot me the order confirmation. Anything over 15$ (meaning more than one piece sets like, the markers of course, I need markers so bad) will totally get you a piece! And if you give me a character with the marker theme that you purchase, I will DO MY BEST to traditionally color and doodle it, otherwise I-I might ink a pretty doodle and copy it, then try to color it. I'm not sure how well it'll go aha. It's up to you! But if I don't have the colors, I can't do the coloring.

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    The big smilin' boyyyyyyy!

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      i need to re-rescan it sob