Relaxing -- Tradi by Pancaked

Relaxing -- Tradi


1 October 2018 at 16:16:24 MDT

UPDATE: I finally got a good scanner and scanned it so HAVE IT AT ITS ORIGINAL BEAUTY. and
For the non fA users - and
If you would like to order a digital chibi, please let me know. However, traditional chibis are only available if you donate through ko-fi or through my If you would like to donate, or purchase one of these chibis, anything over 9$ receives a piece! If you would like something like this, it would be 18$ as it is two characters.

This is just me and my imaginary boyfriend character I've had for ages and almost never draw and I had to change that today. I really REALLY like how it came out on paper, but thanks to the dog eating my good eraser, the erasing on this one came out super shoddy. I don't have the time to go in and digitally fill in the lines so I'm sorry about the line quality. 

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