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Mostly Sell -- Trade by Pancaked

Mostly Sell -- Trade


I am desperately trying to raise funds now. 

This morning, the shitstain family dog decided for the third time to destroy my tablet pen, this time the expensive one (I had to fork out 112$ for it okay this is not a good thing for me when I barely made 20$ last stream) and so I am selling a shit load of characters. 

You can comment on the, or you can contact me via deviantart or furaffinity. Those are the three sites who's messages I check the most as they are where what few commissions I get are from.

Do not complain about pricing if there is one listed - it's counting artwork as well, especially if I did the art. Don't like it? Don't care. I'm - I'm in zero tolerance mood right now and in a very dangerous place so I am in no mood for lowballing, nor for assholes who don't value anything more than what they can bleed someone dry with.

Please help - if you can't buy, maybe share? I don't care at this point.