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Patreon, & Other sites to find me on!

Hey all! This is just a small update I'm gonna be posting across my accounts! 
I set up a Patreon a while back and just rigged it up today! I'll be posting WIPs on there of personal stuff I'm working on between comms/school/work, some of which may be finished and posted here later, or may never see the light of day if I lose steam on it. Still, I figure it's a good way to give back with some content I'm not ready to post to public places yet!
I'll also take this chance to link my other accounts, incase anyone has other prefered sites.
Patreon: palcorg
Furaffinity: palenque
Weasyl: palenque palenque
Twitter: Art [ canispembroke ] Main [ palencorgi ], Character/Ref storage: Palenque 
Trello; for Commision info and Queues 
Thank y'all for bein around and enjoying my content! it means the world to me. <3

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Shaded Blob Icon

Base Icon
$ 35.00
add  Higher-Detail (Clothing, patterns, etc)
$ 5.00
add  Larger Edits (Hose, etc)
$ 5.00

Currently, I'm only offering icons! In the future I'll likely offer more commission types.

  • (For general comms) I'll need an expression or pose/scene/or such, your paypal address, and ref(s)! The more refs, the better.

-I'll contact you when the sketch is done! Please try to keep any larger adjustments to the sketch phase. Once I'm given the go-ahead, I'll send an invoice and begin linework.

-I'll try to send updates when major stages are done (Shading, linework, linework edits), and feel free to ask for small tweaks along the way.

-Other kinks are welcome! More relevant stuff that I'm not usually comfortable drawing is life support /heavy slob stuff. Regardless, if you aren't sure, ask!

-I can communicate through Twitter DMs, FA/Weasyl DMs, or using Discord/Telegram to share updates. The latter is preferred due to providing quicker updates.

-Once the work's mostly done, I'll ask for an all clear for any final tweaks, as well as Twitter/FA usernames (If it's a public commission), to post once it's all finalized.

-Let me know ahead of time or during the usernames phase if you want it to be private!



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