(emergency) GROWTH DRIVE - Day 1 by pakodx

(emergency) GROWTH DRIVE - Day 1


29 August 2015 at 21:36:40 MDT

Hi everyone! so as I said before in some sites I’m starting a growth drive to try and get myself a custom chair I need to keep drawing/working
if you’re new to this, a growth drive is a crowdfunding growth drawing series,
you’re free to donate as much as you’d like to contribute to the character’s growth
I haven’t prepared any drawings in advance for this so I’m not setting any goals for the next images I will draw an update every 2 days regardless of how much has been donated
based on the amount donated by Midnight in GMT -3:00 time
my only goal is to try to raise at the very least 400 dollars ( but kinda hoping for 800 to be able to cover all the expenses myself )
if you’d like to help but don’t have any money I’d be really thankful if you could at least give me some signal boost, share, tweet, reblog this c:

I’m offering a few perks for people willing to donate a bit more, but you’re free to donate as much as you’d like

Please visit this link for more information and for a donation link and quiz

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