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Take to the Skies by owl-flight (critique requested)

Take to the Skies (critique requested)


28 March 2013 at 23:15:16 MDT

This is the third time I have drawn this picture (4th if you count the major revamp of it I did a month after uploading the original to DA) I used it to apply to an art summer school in LA wish me luck on getting in cuz I haven't heard from them yet ^^

First drawing

Second drawing

Side by side after most of the edits

cliff reference

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    the details on the grass and rock must've took forever, lol; love the ray of light in the corner and how it really adds...atmosphere to the pic

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      the grass was nothing compared to the rock! three days... three solid days o-o; the memory still haunts me

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        longest i spent on a pic was maybe about 4-5 hours on the grass alone; the sky took me maybe an hour or more

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          well my summer was on the line with this pic, so XDD

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    this is probably my favorite picture done by you, it just feels so alive hrghhh

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      thank you ^^ it's my favorite too, cant believe I almost forgot to upload it here!

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        haha, silly you

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          you know it's amazing how often people say that to me XDD

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              seriously XDD it used to bug me cuz my ex used to say it but now I just notice it. Its crazy how many people say that!