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About Me:

  • I'm more of a hobbyist artist, mainly doodling and sketching while I'm watching TV or browsing Netflix. I think of myself as a writer first and artist second, but do want to improve my drawing (anatomy, posing, etc) so that I can draw out some of the characters that are in my novels.
  • I'm asexual and comfortable with it, and it has been starting to play a big part in the things I write.
  • I do have a fursona...actually one that's been through the ringer a few times, but I really don't consider them "fursonas." Maybe more like, animal persona. Sounds technically and silly, but there it is. I do hope to have a sketch of a 'ani-sona' that better represents me currently.



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New Challenge for Myself - could use suggestions!

on 5 February 2014 at 00:29:13 MST

In my current quest of improving and revisiting my old and newer characters I've decided to do an Iron Artist challenge. It'll just be exploring my characters for 100 images. I haven't decided whether I'll do them as a mix between digital and traditional, but we'll just see how it plays out. Each count towards the tally will be one individual character pose. So I suppose it's cheating if I draw two characters in one picture since it'd count as two, but meh. The main thing is to get myself a) drawing, b) relearning my characters in better preparation for their stories, and c) to get better at drawing.

So if you'd like, I'd love suggestions. If you're not familiar with my treasure trove of characters, you could provide scenarios or themes or words or ideas or anything really for inspiration or something you'd like to see. I know I'm not popular so this is really just a fishing expedition, but it'd be cool to here something so I'm not completely pulling things out of my ass.

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    You have interesting art! Keep up the good work! :)

    (And I can sort of relate about being a writer first - I am a professional artist but when i think of it I draw mostly because I want to tell stories with my pictures.)