LegOwen (Minifigure Owen) by OwenConcorde

LegOwen (Minifigure Owen)


22 July 2019 at 01:22:23 MDT

I just had thoughts of designing Owen into a Lego minifigure and I think this is what it might come out to be. With many airliner based aeromorphs being mostly white, especially in their humanoid/"full anthro" forms, I just think the minifigure versions could come out as too bland after since I experimented on this drawing with Owen. I think Owen would be better off as some large Lego statue instead of a minifigure for some Lego set because it allows more details to be applied.

I don't collect (& break) Lego sets like I did in my childhood, but this was an idea I came up after watching some informative Lego videos by "Nick on Planet Ripple" on YouTube. This YouTube channel goes into nothing, but Lego nostalgia including a lot of old Lego sets (mostly discontinued) that were cataloged throughout the years.