Owen's Waterpark Date by OwenConcorde

Owen's Waterpark Date


14 July 2019 at 02:02:22 MDT

Owen returned to his local indoor water park with someone who he would've not dated and it's Schwartz. Owen finally gave in to Schwartz's reason why he's attracted to him instead of suffering all his nasty pranks. Schwartz became more mature than he was before and improved in his work ethics. The handsome 747-8 intercontinental and his former roommate, the demonic Concorde had a good time being at the water park and they were the only few beings that were there on that cold winter day. Schwartz's other partners have far busier work schedules than him, so Owen have become the only choice for hanging out

Schwartz is romantically attracted to Owen almost as much as Manfred does, but neither he nor Kira (his B1 bomber wife) mind him being around Owen anymore. Owen now discovered that he has another male Boeing 747 loving him and he'll always loves male jumbos. Jumbos are love, Jumbos are life!