【UTAU Original】 free 【Bellini】 by Ousatsu

【UTAU Original】 free 【Bellini】

【UTAU Original】 free 【Bellini】


29 March 2015 at 11:25:18 MDT

(Just reposting my description from YT)
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9n18CH8ymA

Yeah so I got the idea for this as I was trying to sleep, but since I couldn't I went ahead and started working on it and couldn't really stop
It's nothing really glamourous or fancy but I like it and still think it sounds good

Hope you do too

Sorry the cover art isn't anything special, I rushed it and couldn't really think of anything "orz


nani seiki ni mo kakusa re te iru you desu...
watashi no uchi naru jiko wo youkai shi hajimeru

kono kakuyasu no "kontenaa" sore ha watashi no karada ha mohaya sono naiyou wo nigiru koto ga deki mase n
sore machi sore wo sosogu sore ha kaimetsu teki na...!

sore wo nozon de watashi no jiyuu anata wo kou


jibun dake ni nari tai riyuu ga "anata no" ruuru junshu shi nakere ba nara nai jibun jishin desu ka?
jibun jishin wo kika se te yo ki ni shi nai watashi ha mou anata ni ojikeru koto ha ari mase n

hadan ten wo tsuuka shi mashi ta koko ni iru shi watashi ha saishuu teki ni shiawase wo kanjiru

Music/Lyrics/Illust/ust: Zansatsu/Ousatsu
mp3: https://www.mediafire.com/?5w4rw3ojk9yzrjw
Off Vocal: https://www.mediafire.com/?npsjm6yfv5k6kha

Got this done this morning, an English version along with the lyrics if you care to cover it in English :0

English version: https://www.mediafire.com/?2h6u64egwd45n22


Centuries pass by, with millenia, hidden inside a cryptic container...
What is this feeling? It burns so fiercely, I begin to see myself erode

What a piece of crap this "container" is, it's no longer fit to hold its contents
Out from each orifice, oozes my filth of a body that can't be hidden

Ah my sweet freedom, please give me that thing, which I desire, I don't want to hide
Shackled and lifeless, is this the real me? I can't identify who I've become

(Please set me free...)

All I want in life is a world where I can be free and don't have to be hidden
Why is it that I have to keep blindly following orders like a machine

After some careful thought I've decided I don't give a damn what you think of me
I'm finally going to be free, open, and I won't listen to you no more

Guess I just reached that breaking point in my life where I had my own revelation
Do you see how happy I am feeling after getting you out of my life

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    This sounds pretty good! I like the theme of the lyrics, and the music is fantastic. You did a great job! :D

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      Thank you, that means a lot to hear

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        :) You are most welcome.