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The Overlord - 2011 by OurMassHysteria

The Overlord - 2011


23 February 2013 at 19:26:10 MST

Luminary: Playing with colors. A watercolor and color pencil version of the pencil drawing I did earlier. The scanner turned the armor yellow and the sword hilt orange... I don't know why it did that, but in the actual drawing it looks more bronze in color.

Art by Luminary

Story by Frisket:

The overlord was pleased. Despite the weight of his great plate armor and his blade, he breathed easily, a sigh of relief escaping his chapped, cracked lips as the dawn crested the valley. The felines had retreated, again. A full routing.

With a shrug he adjusted his stance, looking out over the rocky valley they had so desperately defended. They had suffered casualties - even now he could hear the waking moans of the wounded and the helpless whimpers of the captured. As the camp stirred to life, the wolf looked out over the valley and gripped the handle of his immense two-handed blade. They had won! These sleek predators were not without their weaknesses, he mused.

A young beagle officer trotted nervously up to the overlord, beginning to report on the morning's objectives - but the powerful frame of the lupine was enough to silence him until the impressive officer smiled, tightening his grip on his blade.

"How many?"

The beagle looked at his notes and responded curtly, standing at attention.

"Twelve wounded. Mostly lacerations, some punctures - the felines were ill-prepped to penetrate our armor."

The wolf nodded. "And them?"

"Thirty braves, m'lord. Six captive."

The wolf grinned wickedly and sunk his blade into the ground with a satisfied growl.

"My thanks, corporal. Inform the men - we march in one hour."

The beagle trotted off to relay the orders. The scent was still fresh - the hunt was on.

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