AF Bard Carmon by Ottofoxen

AF Bard Carmon


27 August 2015 at 17:53:52 MDT

a sketch from the lovely Arlyurl Arlyurl
a Pic of Carmon in her AF bard gear from Final Fantasy XIV: A realm reborn

Art (c) Arlyurl Arlyurl
Carmon Konno (c) ottofoxen ottofoxen
Miqo'te (c) Square Enix

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Visual / Sketch


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    i wanna get FFIV, tho the subscription is kind of turning me away

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      It's not as bad as you think. You can pay it for like 9.99 for the lowest subscription a month and think of it like this.

      If you play the game for at least 3 hours a month it has paid just as much or cheaper the going to see a movie once a month. After that 3 hours the game is free past that point

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        wait for real?

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          It's all about time management. It's the same with any mmo that you have to play per month. It's how you use your time. Even if you where to buy time cards that's 30$ for 60 days. So if you play 6 hours within the first month that is like going to see 2 3D movies for the same amount of time. While yes you are paying to full price of both month upfront. But in reality. 6hours can fly fast in gaming. If you like I can send you a invite code and the links to make an account to try it for free for 2 weeks

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            i know, and while i'd love to play 14, it's the fact i got my friends to consider, tho tbh one is working a lot so he's...something of a liability and hinders my progress with gaming in general. Sometimes i just want to go ahead and ditch him to keep going with my other friend on DS3, but i can't because i'd be heartless.