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Howl, O one who rips thorough Ethernity by Otakuwolf

Howl, O one who rips thorough Ethernity


First art of 2023 ^.^ !

Probably the last and final design for Ota's very own "Live Mecha", Aperion.
For those of you wondering what kind of mecha it is, if you are into the Super Robot Wars series you can think about it as "50% Shura and 50% Dynamic General Guardian", everybody else can think about it as a Mobile Fighter (G Gundam) on a larger scale, or in even simpler terms a "Brawler" type of mecha.

Took me something like one year just to design it, and a few month to draw it from the references I made (which I might post at a later time) so this sure is one of my lenghtiest works, and I hope it paid off in the end ^^;
At least, I'm happy with the final result, both in design and in the art itself, and that's not easy feat to accomplish for me so, I guess that means it's a win ^^

As for the design, I based it on a werewolf bodyshape and changed a bit the proportions to resemble a more "common" anthropomorphic animal.
One of the resulting effects was to redistribute the overall mass into a less bulky but sleeker and more dynamic bodyshape.

Otakuwolf, Aperion, and art © Otakuwolf 2023

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