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Bathed In The Lights by OtakuOtakuVocaloid (critique requested)

Bathed In The Lights (critique requested)


1 February 2014 at 14:04:18 MST

This is just a digital piece to practice the new program I got ^^

See more at my dA: ^^

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    what program was it? looks like PS maybe?

    not sure what you want crit on!

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      The program I used is called FireAlpaca, a program I'm still learning how to use :3

      I was hoping I could get some critique on anatomy, shading, and things around that, but either way, thank you! :D

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        oh firealpaca is good! i use it for inks sometimes

        i have A Shading Crit but before i babble: how familiar are you with color theory?

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          I love the program! This was my first drawing with it,and I'm glad to say I like the outcome! (Not as good as my recent art, but Still good :'D)

          Color theory? I'm currently working on completely understanding it, but I fee I know a decent amount on it. . . ^^"

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            hmm, ok! i took the liberty of doing a quick tweak on the pic as it's easier to illustrate what i'm saying, i hope you don't mind:


            there's different kinds of palettes, and overall, the one you used in this picture uses a lot of browns with a huge splatter of green across-- which is almost directly across the color wheel from brown/orange. this isn't inherently a bad thing, but they're also almost the same value(lightness), which makes everything feel kind of muddled together. i tried pushing the greens more toward yellow and it pushes the background 'back' a little bit. (as it is, to my eye, it seems to 'swallow' the character instead of resting behind them)