Hey there! My name is Serenna (Sir-ren-auh, not Sir-reen-auh!), and I'm 17 years old. I've been drawing since I was two, and I seek a major in graphic design once I go to college. I'm very fun-loving and always accepting feedback to improve my art (well, when I start submitting some! XD).

Coming from deviantART, I was recommended this place by one of my good friends to increase exposure on my art. I was also told that this place has a bit of a better community than dA does, so I anticipate to meet some great friends as well as not see a bunch of art theft everywhere.

Bleh, I'll get to this once I start making stuff. XP

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No, I'm not dead! D:

on 12 November 2014 at 16:39:27 MST

Hey, everyone who's actually somehow viewed this empty page! XD I haven't been here for quite some time, so I thought that I should finally type another journal update!

Being that this place has a nice little character submission thing, I've decided that I'll use this account mainly for character things! I'll be posting character profiles of FCs, OCs, and what I call "half original characters" (kind of silly, huh? You'll see what I mean someday!), and some character artwork. That's more like art showing off/telling about some info on a character like attacks, fun facts, etc. I STILL NEED TO MAKE AN ICON THO. OTL

A recent walk in nature made me realize that I have a lot more time in my hands than I perceive, so hopefully I'll be able to start working on here soon! I really look forward to seeing what fun I'll have here as well as new friends to meet and new artists to love and look up to!

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