Hearts in Atlantis by Oreo-Septim

Hearts in Atlantis


26 September 2014 at 21:28:49 MDT

WIP gif: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/100/b/9/3773985_by_oreo_septim-d7dytuh.gif

Gonna start uploading the best of my works from the last year here to Weasyl! Leaving the FA watermarks tho cause Im lazy lmao

The title of this drawing and the ferris wheel in the background are inspired by Stephen King's novel "Hearts in Atlantis" which contains a few stories, two of them (Low Men in Yellow Coats and the title story) are my favorite pieces of writing by him. "Hearts in Atlantis" focuses on the story of a male college student in the 1960's and he and his peer's struggles to grow up and be responsible in a world where there are many conflicts and distractions. The story focuses heavily on the protest movement against the Vietnam war by the younger generation (hence the peace sign usage in the cover art) among other symbolic addictions and pain associated with coming of age, and I heartily recommend it for a good read.

My drawing has nothing to do with all of that xD; but it is a damn good story by a damn good writer and it's very inspiring.

BUT YEAH ANYWAY I worked on this for a long time wowie. I've wanted to draw this forever and had the thumbnail done a while ago but I needed to get some stuff done before I started on this. Glad I got to do it!

Hope you all enjoy!

art and character are (c) to me
you may not use or repost this artwork without my express permission


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    I really like your character. it's pretty simple but combined with your style just makes it very special. keep up the good work