Last Sunset by Orenthes

Last Sunset


22 May 2016 at 10:47:47 MDT

Crocodiles such as Tarvash are very straightforward in their diets: very protein-heavy and fond of things served raw and squirming. Who could really argue with that? It's healthy and extremely satisfying.

A wonderful piece done by   finalroar for a monthly Patreon image. I've always wanted to get more of my Nile Crocodile (though I'm still debating whether to have him be a Nile Crocodile or a Saltie) Tarvash in my gallery and the way things are going I will have more work featuring him in the immediate future.

-Art belongs to Final Roar on FurAffinity, and was done as a Patreon monthly slot image in February.

-Tarvash belongs to me.