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.:Vent Art:. Enerjak's Citadel - Remington by Oreana

.:Vent Art:. Enerjak's Citadel - Remington


28 January 2014 at 20:09:07 MST

A very personal piece given my feelings as of late. A reason I love being an artist--being able to emo on my art and torture characters I enjoy when I am not feeling my best.

This was personal in another way, really--it came from a very old dream I had documented with Remington and an OC of mine, so, naturally, Remington would only cry if someone he cared for is about to be torn from him and, possibly, killed in some way or turned into a prelate as this was to be happening during 'Knuckles' times of Enerjak-(ing) hur. I am sure if it was just himself, he would take it with an irritable growl. However, he is merely waiting his turn to become one of those mindless drones of Knuckles, but seeing his consort torn from him and finding out she's pregnant makes this happen.

I was under the impression Knuckles could make the wall move with his powers, so that's why it looks like the wall is trying to grab Rem and pull him to it. Tis my own assumption.

I am sure I'll be punched for saying this, but I feel it's only my best image in regards to some things--in others, it feels like the worst. But, an emotional piece, as I said. Sighs Hope this masochistic image helps me a bit. Full-view is your best option for seeing what's going on a bit better, perhaps.

Remington: Archie/Penders
Art: Oreana

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