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.:Gift:. Let it Snow~ by Oreana

.:Gift:. Let it Snow~


28 January 2014 at 20:06:39 MST

Been forever, it feels since I did these two together. When Christmas was about to happen, I figured now would be a perfect time than any to do so, and besides, the song wouldn't leave me alone. Oddly enough, it is my least favorite Christmas song. xD; However, for a couple, I think it fits just fine.

If I remember my anime subtitles right, usually, whenever there is a song, they highlight the words as it sings the lyrics, so that's what I was going for. xD Also, if you're not sure where they are--I'll give you a hint: Twilight Princess.


A gift for Kuro even if I know she's not big on Christmas (but she works retail like myself, so I cannot blame her). After getting my feet wet with RPing thanks to the awesome queenmoreta, I had the worst time ever trying to find other good RPers to help widen my range and strengthen my skills like she had and continues to do. While I knew who Kuro was by title of admin to the Brotherhood club, I never actively spoke to her until January 28th of this year (I know this because my AOL backtracks logs--I promise I am not creepy weird like that. xDD) Our first couple to dive into was me playing as Thunderhawk and her playing her OC Sara-Li. After several RPs together of the two, the family started branching and growing. I ended up making Sylv-Ia for Luke--made Sylv-Ia's father, Bernard, and mother, Olivia. In the process, Kuro made Ryssa, who was a tomboy who stuck up for Sylv-Ia, and Shar-On, Ryssa's mom and Bernard's lover. We conjured up a bunch of puggles for both families, and even still, we drift the two into different AUs all the time, opening up more possibilities (Skyrim/ Cowboy and Indians/ Underwater Angel Island with a Jazz theme/ ect).

I think she is one RPer I can sit and brainstorm with without feeling as though I'll be judged, and even if we don't agree on something, it can easily be passed or shifted in another direction. She's helped my characters grow (as well as my list), and I do the best I can for hers as well. :heart: She means the world to me, and I am not sure what I'd do without her. She easily can be described as my muse~.

Merry Christmas, kitten. Hope you have an awesome month all the same. :D

Sara-Li: Kuro
Thunderhawk: Archie/Penders
art: Oreana

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