A Day Off Promo by Orangy

A Day Off Promo


19 January 2016 at 07:47:25 MST

So, if we get that patreon goal, I'll start uploading the pages once a week(Max- 4 in a month)! I've finished 3(so that's three weeks) and there's 9 pages total. THIS COMIC WILL BE NSFW (action starts on page 4 lololol) Also, look I decided to add shading. We are already half way to the goal everyone!! Lets do this!
Remember, if patreon doesn't work out, I will sell the entire thing as a $10 pack but patreon helps it be affordable for everyone, including me! If just a tiny tiny portion of everyone here puts $1 towards me doing comics, we could get this going really well and it would cost you less then the pack!

A Day Off- Devon is off to the cafe to give dance lessons but Raspberry Mocha and Candy Cane thinks she needs a day off from her work, so they quickly step in and convince her to spend her day with them.

Patreon Backer Levels:
$1-You get the SKETCH and planning pages for each comic page!

$3-You'll get INKS for each page
You'll get the HI RES version of each page
All content from previous tiers

$8- You get the PSD SOURCE FILES for each page
All previous tiers

Single character colored sketch every update! {Note-you will get this sketches after payments go through. If you go through for 4 payments, you get 4 colored sketches the next month. If you max out at 3 updates, you only get 3 out of the 4 sketches for the updates. Only do this if you can contact me through FA} {For multiple in a month, you can combine them, up to 4 characters in a single picture.}

Art/Characters by me, Orangy
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