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Volpan Fakemon by Orangetavi

Volpan Fakemon


7 November 2012 at 14:31:20 MST

Submitted to FA on March 3rd, 2010

Electric Red Panda Pokemon :D

Just a fakemon that I made for fun, cuz I wanted a Red Panda pokemon and none exists. It glows when it charges up an attack. In this case, a THUNDER PUNCH.

This took me at least a week. Need to practice coloring faster D: Not sure about the smoothness of the coloring, needs to be messier. I like how the lightning came out. xD Oh yeah, and time for obligatory pokemon fact. :0

Volpan contains enough energy to reawaken a hundred comatose patients. Oh and it can light up a city block on its own too.

Volpan belongs to Me.

Drawn by Me.

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    That's a really cool design actually, it even looks like a real Pokemon too!

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    This is actually really authentic-looking! I'm diggin' it lots.~ This truly looks incredible. I kind of want to hug it, if I can forget the fact it'd probably zap me into next week.

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    Love the design! It's rare that I come across a fakemon that I really like, but this one is really cool!

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    The rarity of a finely tuned Fakemon. I love it!

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    You know... I REALLY want a red panda pokemon. And more bears. >.>