Team Citrus by Orangetavi

Team Citrus


16 March 2013 at 23:14:18 MDT

My Pokemon team from Sinnoh, led by Trainer Orange. Consists of:

Rotom (Citrus)

Sableye (Pyrite)

Breloom (Gauntlet)

Camerupt (Oahu)

Aggron (Anvil)

Flygon (Mistletoe)

I played Pokemon Platinum with my friends when it came out, but I never drew my team before. So here they are :D

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    I love it! The varity of Pokemon you have are very unique imo. I just love it so much. Plus did I tell you my favorite Pokemon are in there? AKA all of them?

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      haha that's awesome! xD thanks!

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    Man... I still need to buy Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum again.

    My copies were stolen, but I still remember my party. :D

    Kyogre, Feraligatr (Moto), Lucario, Swampert, Luxray, Gliscor.

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      aaww poop. i'd be so sad if my game with all my team were stolen D:

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        I wasn't sad. I was mad. Because Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Soul Silver, Black, White, Ranger 1, Ranger 3, Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team, Explorers of Darkness, AND two copies of Children of Mana were taken.

        And to add salt to the wound, the guy who stole them essentially admitted to stealing them, as he showed me one of the hacked pokemon from one of my games. It was one that I had custom made (Shiny, level 100 caterpie with Wonderguard. Knew Fly, Flamethrower, Volt Tackle, and Hyper Beam. The ID was 14840, since that is the ZIP of the town I grew up in, and it's name was "Pie".)

        So, not only did he steal them, but took the time to take what he wanted from them, then used it against me after getting rid of the games, and lied to my face.

        Needless to say... He's not on my 'good' list...

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    That sableye is cray cray!

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    Camerupt's panic face makes me laugh so much XD

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    This is great! I like how you made potentially clashing colors work well together (IDK how to explain that, they just look good), and there's a lot of motion. I especially like Citrus and Pyrite's faces. |D

    (And shiny Breloom yessssss~)