Daniela and Family (May 2017) by orangetabby106

Daniela and Family (May 2017)


7 June 2018 at 13:03:08 MDT

Daniela told me that her mother had really wanted a family picture in my animal style, so I thought I might as well! :3 I'll give a little description of all of them, too. <3

Montserrath "Montse": She is the baby of the family! Being a year old, she loves to explore and get into everything. She also loves being held by her mom, dad, grandma and Daniela... The same cannot really be said for most anyone else, though. ^^;

Daniela: She is the oldest of the 3 daughters, and was an only child for the better part of 11 years! (she is now 15) Despite this, she has taken to being an older sister very well! She also has a great passion for painting, and has been doing it since she was very, very young. (she is also extremely gifted at it, if I may add! I've seen work of hers from when she was 8 or 9. I kid you not, I would buy those paintings in a heartbeat!) Daniela is almost always pleasant, and rarely ever gets into trouble.

Isabella: She is the middle child, and is almost 4. As you might notice, she isn't the best at keeping still, even for photos.... She is a "Go! Go! Go!" type of kid, loves to play sports (like soccer), run around, and splash in the pool! Isabella is prone to tantrums, especially when she has to be put in her car seat.... (Car seat=sitting still)

Gabriella: The mother of the three kids! Although she cannot speak English fluently yet, (seeing as she came over from Guatemala with Daniela only a few years ago) she is trying her best to learn. She is a very sweet and caring mother, and gives each of her children equal amounts of love. She is also very, very patient, especially with the little ones. As you can see, she's trying her best to point Isabella to the camera at the moment....

Marco: The father of Isabella and Montserrath, and Daniela's stepfather! He is a very patient, caring husband and father. I don't think I have ever heard him yell at the kids. (he has raised his voice before, just once, but it was kind of to be expected)

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