Sarah Maotabby Reference (November 2015) by orangetabby106

Sarah Maotabby Reference (November 2015)


20 March 2018 at 11:56:08 MDT

Original Description:

Hooray for a new reference. :3

Sarah is a rather shy kitten around strangers, but once she warms up to somebody, she gets attached quickly. She loves drawing, painting (and anything else creative), her friends, her family, especially her little sister named Ariel, using her imagination, snuggling, and her teddy bear, Isabel.

Her mother is self-employed, and is at the house with Sarah and her younger sister most of the time. Her father works on power lines; whenever there is a bad storm and the electricity goes out, the company he is a part of gets on the job right away! Unfortunately, he is at work for most of the day/week, and works overtime quite a bit. Because of this, Sarah doesn't see him as much. But of course, she still loves him nonetheless!

Also, I must note one more thing, Sarah can get very clingy to people she has grown to trust. She hates when people have to leave, especially when she has to be babysat by people she doesn't know well.

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