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What I draw:
Innocent/cute characters and scenes
Baby/Toddler/Kid/Adult furs.
Feral characters (puppies and whatnot)

What I do NOT draw:
Anything of an adult nature (above PG. PG-13 is stretching the limit for me)
Fetishes/interests such as: Inflating, vore, gore, feet, etc.

Please note me if you have any questions!

Welcome to my page! My name is Sarah. I like to draw, write from time-to-time, and fursuit.

I have been drawing since I was three-ish. I made my own versions of my favorite movies (my characters put into movie such as "Ice Age" and "Bambi"), drew characters based off stuffed animals and Littlest Pet Shop toys that I owned, and (when I was older) I drew my own comic series staring me and my best friend at the time. I didn't start drawing furries/anthropomorphic animals until the end of 6th grade. Two of my earliest influences were tavimunk and toddlergirl. I totally blame them for me getting into the furry fandom (in a good way!). Because of their influence (art-wise), I made an account in 2011 at the tender age of 13.

I've also been writing for quite a while. Unfortunately, I am not as motivated when it comes to writing. For me, the motivation to write comes in short spurts, and once I lose that motivation I have to wait for it to come back. My writing works can be found here: (All writing that predates FurAffinity can be found here: Nothing special, but just for laughs)

I have a bunch of characters as well! Quite a few of them are based off friends I have/used to have back in 7th grade while I was brainstorming ideas for this account. My characters and their reference sheets can be found here:

You can follow/keep track of my 100 drawings challenge here:

As for fursuiting, I have a fursuit of my character, Sarah (Also known to the kids as "Sarah Kitty"). She was made by cantoftogs cantoftogs. I also have my character, Tod Puppy. He was made by cantoftogs cantoftogs as well! I really want to get more at some point, as I am a tad hooked on fursuiting. X) I absolutely adore the art of fursuiting/mascot performance.

That's all, folks! Hope you enjoy my art and whatnot. C:

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Have to catch up from the past couple of years of not posting here lol

Expect a lot of drawings!

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