[COM] Hedoro Reference Sheet 2016 by Optibyte

[COM] Hedoro Reference Sheet 2016


23 June 2016 at 21:35:10 MDT

Full Ref Sheet Commission for Hedoro on FA !!
FA BUTCHERED THE QUALITY! Click here for BETTER RES: http://imgur.com/B2H8eht

Let me just start by saying that this was THE BEST first and last ref sheet commission i've ever done!
I very much was stressed out at the idea of being commissioned one of these, I nearly backed out.
But when I realized the CHARACTER i'd get to work with, I just truly felt I was up to the task in every way. <3

Thank you everyone who joined the stream and got to see my process of this work,
Your company and kind words really helped me even stronger than I was doing!
Hope you like it, Hedo! Thanks for commissioning me and being a rad bud.

Art by Optibyte. Hedoro belongs to Hedoro.


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    DUDE this ref is AWESOME man what a fun character to boot <3

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    Do they become gendersolid if they get too cold?
    (couldn't help myself)

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    omg what a cutie pie!!!!