SpecialEvent! DandyLyon CARNIVAL Auction [CLOSED] by Optibyte

SpecialEvent! DandyLyon CARNIVAL Auction [CLOSED]


11 May 2016 at 21:57:15 MDT

DA Bidding Link: http://adorkablemarina.deviantart.c.....OPEN-606231912

I've always ALWAYS loved Carnival toy aesthetic, Now I finally finished these guys !
I wish they all go to the best happy homes <3
BONUS- WOW a Teen/adult DandyLyon! (drawing adults is a pain)

These guys are for Auction!
SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY. All bids are final
DandyLyon Species reference:

SB: $30, MI: $2, AB: NONE

Mutant Traits DandyLyon (With Normal Horn)
Forward Ear curl
Black Sclera eyes, PINK FIRE Potion,
Grayscale spots back pattern
Striped smooth chest (Event only trait)
Smoke n' Mirrors black mane
Accessories: Red Bowtie, Striped Tophat,
spare potion container (on collar) and Beaded earring charm
Potion Star charm location: on Collar

SB: $25, MI: $2, AB: $50

Normal Traits DandyLyon
SPECIAL: This DandyLyon is a Living Plush!
(Owner may draw a normal LIVE version of them as well)
Ear curl: ???
Normal eyes, Sunny yellow Potion,
Two Magenta stripes along body (both sides)
Striped smooth chest (Event only trait)
Cream Soda white mane (Main)
Potion Star charm location: on puffy plush chest

SB: $15, MI: $2, AB: NO AB

Unusual Traits DandyLyon
"Is that a walking Coloring Book?..."
Forward Ear curl
Unusual Demon horns: Nub style
Black (Red) Cartoon eyes, Pure RED Potion,
Star + Dots back pattern (Event only Trait)
Solid Crayon Mane (Event only trait)
Potion Star charm location: on Collar (black string hidden by fur)

WINNERS WILL GET: Full Resolution File + Unwatermarked
Rights to the character. May Draw at any age, gender or form (not including DandyShifter)

Auction ends 24 hours after no new bid or if AB'd!

DandyLyons are a closed species by AdorkableMarina (Me)