Starter Base Pack 2017 by Opalia

Starter Base Pack 2017


5 February 2017 at 14:50:06 MST

Female anthro base pack for sale!

This starter pack contains:
-Hairstyles (Bangs & Back)
...and much more!

The files can be either .psd or .sai!
Make sure you use a program which can open groups and can have multiple layers!

Please make sure to have read my full ToS!

•Starter Pack Standard: $30
★Starter Pack VIP: $80

•Standard will give you...
...access to the starter pack, future updates will have to be purchased separately.

★VIP will give you...
...access to the starter pack and all future updates for this base without having to buy them separately.
...the opportunity to request specific items for the base pack. (Please note; they will become public if they're made!)

Base pack specific ToS
You are allowed to:
•Make adoptables and sell them for points (DeviantArt) or money.
•Add and/or alter the base.
•Use the base for personal use.

You are not allowed to:
•Resell the base pack.
•Share any of the files within the pack.
•Claim the base as your own.

You may purchase the base pack as a gift, but you are required to give the receiver's email so they can get the files.
After purchase, you cannot request a refund.

Please credit me when using the base.

You can now directly purchase it through Sellfy!

Submission Information

Visual / Design / Interface