Everyday Is Glute and Thigh Day by Oovie

Everyday Is Glute and Thigh Day


25 November 2013 at 21:50:57 MST

I heard Oovie's rooster strutting has left him quite JACKED, don't forget the power squats Oovie! Oh white meat is more compact, that's all uber strength muscle yuh.

*Re-uploaded from FA

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    you make me like avians more than I use to~

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      No joking, even I'm not too crazy about avian 'sonas! They need some flair and well designed colors before I find interest. Buuuut yeah, not very appealing choices typically.

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        I think I will redraw an avian character I had before. his name was Archimedes. or I just might create a new one. your character has inspired me to draw an avian~

        now I gotta make him sexy x3

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          If you'd like another good looking guy! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9438700/ I pulled a lot of inspiration from him, nice character but not sure who owns it anymore (original owner sold/gave him away?). The only thing I directly pulled from him was the wavy pattern (makes perfect sense on a bird), and I'd never seen someone make green/red work so good!

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            I LOVE Seth-Iova's art! I remember seeing that character in another pic and I loved it as well! I think it was the second Avian character I ever liked. good call using him as a ref!