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Introducing: Ookitsu Kit Fox by ookitsu

Introducing: Ookitsu Kit Fox

The night was calm and quiet in the little diner; Only one customer was in as usual this late. Unfortunately for the employees of this diner they may be in for more than they expected if they crossed the kitsune that chose to eat here. For the most part the kitsune looked like any other red fox, except for his eyes of which were cursed with the mark of the outcast, turning his eye whites completely black.

“Maybe if you wait around awhile and show me a good time, I’ll pay for your meal fox,” the coyote waiter said quietly with a smirk on his face. The kitsune restrained himself from frowning or showing any sign of dislike towards being asked such. Was a pity, too, as he was enjoying the meal he originally stopped here for. While waiting for a response the kitsune looked around to see if anyone had come into the diner this late, simply grinning at the coyote once he verified they were alone.

Above all else the kitsune hated others treating him like a piece of ass waiting to be fucked because of a stereotype. The waiter was in for quite a treat, the kitsune already having set things in motion as one of his tails invisible to the untrained eye worked it’s way to the other side of the counter. Licking his lips in anticipation of what was about to happen to his rude waiter, his tail started to come back into this realm with it’s maw wide open.

Turning around the coyote started texting someone by the looks of it, likely to brag he was getting a piece of ass. Standing in the exact spot the tail was coming back into this realm through, he fell legs first into the wide tail maw below, losing grip of his cell phone, falling onto the floor out of his reach. Knowing he didn’t have much time to just enjoy his meal’s squirming visually, he quickly pulled his tail back into his shadowy realm along with his meal.

Acting like nothing happened the kitsune went back to his french toast meal, now with a toothy grin on his face. He could only imagine what was going through the coyote’s mind, feeling him struggle so much with him getting pulled into the tight fleshy space of his tail. The meal in front of him wouldn’t possibly fill him now, having used a bit more energy pulling the coyote into his shadowy realm. With the rest of the coyote inside his tail, he could barely restrain himself wanting nothing more than to pull his meal into his stomach. Restraining himself from doing so, knowing it would draw too much attention to himself outside this diner.

Pulling his attention from his stomach upon hearing the ding of a bell brought an idea to mind. The kitsune yelled out to the back saying, “hey, your waiter left in quite a hurry, he even dropped his phone!” The chef looked out to the floor through the little serving counter in the wall, grunted and made his way out to the front through the doors.

Careful to lick his lips while the chef wasn’t looking his way, thinking about how good the wolf’s soul will taste as well as the body. Hearing the coyote’s phone get kicked as the chef walked to get the order, setting it down in front of the kitsune seeming a bit disgruntled, likely not the first time the coyote did this. The chef asking in an annoyed tone, “Will that be all, sir?”

“No, as a matter of fact. There is one more thing I’d like,” the kitsune said looking up into the wolf’s eyes as he did.

Stumbling backwards, hitting the drink counter behind him scrambling to find a button underneath the counter, the wolf looked like he had been scared half to death. “You’re... you’re that kitsune Ookitsu aren’t you? What really happened to Sam?”

“You know I will say that is the problem with this world, too easy for information like that to spread especially with so few of my kind left, and being the only outcast of the bunch.” He said, leaping over the counter, standing mere inches away from the shorter and slightly chubby wolf, soon looking down into the wolf’s eyes, loving the feeling of fear coming from the wolf’s very soul itself. “Oh and I’m sure you’ll find out what happened to Sam soon enough.”

The wolf pushed at Ookitsu, only to get shocked and fall to the floor partially stunned. Crouching down Ookitsu, grabbed the wolf by the scruff of his neck and brought him back up to his feet, pressing him against the counter. “Guess you just know the barest of details, I’m a lightning and shadow user; Not a good idea to hit me directly when I have lightning coursing through me. Though, I suppose that might be hard for someone like you to tell something like that.”

With his prey still a bit out of it Ookitsu presses a paw to the wolf’s chest, sending out small gentle waves of his lightning energy through the wolf to further incapacitate him. “Now, let’s go to the back to avoid drawing any attention from anyone that may come in.” Dragging the wolf along into the back, laying him down on the ground, he then stepped down on the wolf’s chest with his right footpaw.

Pulling out a soul always varied in difficulty depending on the prey, for some their will so weak you could pull it out almost instantly while others you may have to battle against their will or trick them to pull it away from the body. For the wolf he wasn’t exactly weak will but Ookitsu knew he could surely pull it out from the wolf with his magic in under a minute.

With the soul starting to lose it’s attachment from the body, the light in the wolf’s eyes started to fade becoming a husk of what he once was. Holding the wolf’s soul in his grasp with the energy of his magic, watching the soul comes out of his prey’s mouth emitting a pale green light. Bringing it to his muzzle he could feel the wolf’s feeling of fear as it emitted from the soul. Opening his muzzle to take it into the black abyss inside, closing his mouth, trapping it inside.

The soul was hot from the fear as it frantically struggled to get back to it’s body. Gulping the wolf’s soul down, he could feel the energy fill his stomach. While the energy of the soul thrashed about in his stomach, Ookitsu looked down at the wolf’s body as it looked around completely lost without it’s soul.

With no one around, and morning crew not due for a good few hours, the kitsune knew he had some time to enjoy the rest of his meal. Bringing all of his tails out of the shadowy realm he hides eight of them in, letting him relax in his full nine tailed glory. Looking to the tail with the coyote inside it, bulges moving around still not giving up his struggling quite yet it seemed.

Stepping up off the wolf, he let the soulless body up, bringing a tail over to it. “Your soul is inside wolfy, and it’s dying to get back to you.” The body could surely feel the energy of it’s soul coming out of the tail maw, pushing it’s head right on inside. Grinning down at his prey as the body eagerly climbed on inside trying to reunite with itself.

Leaning back against a counter, relaxing as his tail pulled the willing body deeper inside. Running a paw through both of his tails that had a meal inside of them, he could feel the coyote squirming around more upon feeling the touch from the outside.

The feeling of prey moving up through the tight flesh of his tail was always a treat, especially ones like the coyote who were still whole in body and mind. The flesh inside pulsating around his prey causing them to squirm from the tightness and the movements of the tail as it swayed and curled.

Having been so lost in the feeling of the coyote’s renewed squirming, he almost forgot about the husk of a wolf crawling inside his tail. Looking down at the tail the wolf was in, catching sight of the tail and footpaws slipping inside. Stretching a bit, he got up feeling his own energy come back as his body worked on absorbing the energy of the soul into his own.

Ookitsu was just about to hide eight of his tails once more in his shadow realm when the ring of the door opening, signaling that there were news customers. Licking his lips as he looked to his still empty tails, he let out a slight snicker at the sound. “Well I’ve still got a whole night ahead of me, seven more tails to fill and I could use a couple more souls.” Grinning as he made his way out from the kitchen, thinking of the fun night he still had ahead of him.

Introducing: Ookitsu Kit Fox


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