- Pup Doodle (digital Inktober) - by OohCee

- Pup Doodle (digital Inktober) -


9 October 2017 at 22:17:45 MDT

For Inktober I’m basically going through all my sketches that I have either forgotten about or haven’t finished and inking them for either completion or experimentation.

And before anyone says it, I know Inktober is for traditional inks but it also includes digital, the official site says so. I’m doing traditional stuff when I can, but digital inking is my strength that I want to keep sharp.

This also includes a video! Patreons get to see the full process (re: sketch, inks, colours, etc), but I figured for stuff like this some videos of the inks would be cool to release outside of Patreon. Please enjoy!


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