- Rouge Yell - by OohCee

- Rouge Yell -


3 March 2017 at 21:38:44 MST

So I have this one little sketchbook that seems to haunt me every time I clean out my bookshelves in my room. Nothing spooky or anything about it, it just seems to pop up every time I do, and I always tell myself to toss it but somehow it ends up back in my book pile. There isn’t even anything in it worth saving, but it just gets back into the rotation somehow.

When I did my latest clean up it happened again, and I thought maybe I’ll do a redraw of something that was in it, in hopes of breaking this odd curse. Funnily the book actually went missing when I thought this (I was extra ruthless with a lot of my belongings this time around, tossing out lots of things I held onto for weird reasons), so I thought it fixed itself.

Checked a folder a few days later, and found it wedged in between the papers the folder was holding.

So hopefully this has broken the curse of the Sketchbook That Won’t Disappear. Here's how it used to look like 13 years ago.

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