- Sally + Nicole Stroll - by OohCee

- Sally + Nicole Stroll -


23 January 2017 at 18:50:20 MST

Started out as a traditional sketch and now we’re here. Been wanting to draw Nicole ever since her holo-form was revealed a million years ago because I love it so much, and I want to try to incorporate her into my little AU somehow.

I also drew this while it was 28°c/82°f because I am not a bright person.

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    Ooh, I really like the designs for them here! ^.^ Sally looks good with the extra markings.

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      Thank you :D it's been something I've been poking at for years to make her look more ground squirrel-like. Plus I like markings >_>;;

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    Markings are fun. The character on my icon develops more markings over the course of his adolescents. He has none when first born, very few as a toddler, and slowly develops more till he reaches adulthood. Got the idea from changing fur patterns I'd seen happen to pets my family had owned in the past, or how some animals have one pattern as babies, and another as adults, like deer.

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      Ahh I love it! It's kinda like how some people can develop more freckles as they age. And I love your character's markings! The colours are gorgeous!

      With Sally here I at first tried to keep it simple by basing them off the thirteen striped ground squirrel, but when she got her redesign in the comics I fell in love with her back stripe, so I added that in, too. Then she just kinda kept picking up markings/details every time I drew her so she went from super simple to overly detailed because I couldn't help myself XD