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[Comm] Staying Fit for Duty by OnyxPirate

[Comm] Staying Fit for Duty


When you're the primary mechanic for a macro sized heroine and are solely responsible for the repairs of her battle damaged gear, it helps to be able to lift a few tons without breaking a sweat! Fortunately, Hibiki is dedicated to her trade, and is just as reliable as the giantess that protects the city when it comes to doing her job, including keeping in the extreme physical shape her work demands.

Commission for Svanhildr, featuring their immensely strong character Hibiki! Continuing to post from the backlog, this was actually the first time I'd drawn a renamon type character in any real capacity, and to my delight, Svan had also wanted her drawn big and buff! So I was pretty spoiled for my first renamon character! This was a very fun commission, as this was around the time (or perhaps shortly after) when I was really starting to build a strong confidence in my new art style, and I feel like this is one of the earlier pieces that really showcased the improvements it was bringing to my work. On top of that, I also had a lot of fun with the more "mundane" parts of the commission as well. I specifically remember how fun working the color balance and post processing was for this piece. And while this might be spoiling a surprise, I have another commission for Svan in the works that I'm equally excited for! So look forward to that!

Hibiki belongs to Svanhildr
Art © Onyx Pirate
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