Ceilonis Prana Sud'dah - OTA - Sold by onyxeva

Ceilonis Prana Sud'dah - OTA - Sold


8 September 2014 at 14:55:32 MDT

My sister Inanagi is trying to get back into coloring things so she's made a Ceilonis!

This Ceilonis is named Prana Sud'dah which is Nepali for "soul purifier' i suppose. It roams through plains, forests and other terrains, absorbing the negative energy in souls, effectively purifying them so they may move on to the afterlife.

Prana is an Offer to Adopt.

Offers should start at $15.

Please post your offers under the "offer here" comment below. Offers not posted under this comment will not be considered.

Other information:
-You may resell adoptables purchased from me, but for no more than you bought them. Please note me if you intend to resell so I may update my submissions with the new owners information.
-Customs are available, please note regarding them.

Submission Information

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    Comment here to offer:

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    I like the design, the contrast between the glowing greens and the dark blues is a nice combination :) Unfortunately I do not have the funds to offer for such a wonderful creature but I sure would like to :)

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      Well thank you for taking the time to comment though! ;u;

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        Your most welcome ^-^

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    holy shit this is gorgeous <3
    once i get back into the flow of commissions (if it isn't already taken by then) i'll be back to look at this beauty <3

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      Sounds good to me, thanks for stopping by~ ;D