Entior Species Adopt - Closed by onyxeva

Entior Species Adopt - Closed


29 January 2014 at 17:35:46 MST

Entior are a species who live high in the mountains and are considered sacred by surrounding villages. They are thought to be the descendents of dragons and unicorns and as such are often thought to have magical powers. However these powers have yet to be proven as the Entior is a reclusive and shy species. Despite their shyness it has been noted that they will not hesitate to attack those who threat their lofty peaks.

Hello! I doodled this guy up and turned him into a lineart that I think I'm going to sell. xD The size you see here is as large as the .psd is. That's 400x400. If I don't see any offer I like, I will probably keep these. xD


-Please comment below my 'Offer here' comment, otherwise your offer won't be considered.

  • You may create adoptables from this lineart for cash, points, site currency, etc.
  • Please don't resell for more than you've purchased it for.
  • You may create personal characters too.
  • You may take these to other websites.
  • Please credit me at least once for the lineart, and don't remove my watermark. ;D
  • Feel free to make line edits, etc.
  • Feel free to make these anthro, humanoid, etc.

Owned by northwestspiritwolf

(The starting price is higher than usual because you can sell these for money and make back the cost)
((This isn't necessarily guaranteed))

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