SkySoar by Onic




24 May 2013 at 10:08:44 MDT

Hello friends!

This song is the soundtrack to the SkyMachine Kickstarter which my brothers and I will be launching early next week. For anyone unfamiliar with Kickstarter, you can learn about it here:

SkyMachine is a graphic novel project set in the near future where two industrial mechanics make their way from the surface of Earth to one of the largest floating cities in the world, where they become entangled in the mysteries surrounding the technology that keeps all flying cities aloft.

In addition to the comic, we will be producing a 6-track EP to accompany the book, along with several other exciting incentives that will be listed on the official Kickstarter page.

What's truly exciting, though, is the inclusion of our video blog as my brothers and I explore the city of Richmond, VA - our home for the past 10 months - and discover all the exciting people, places, and activities in the area. All of our adventures will influence the creation of SkyMachine.

I am planning on posting all of the EP tracks here for free, so keep an ear out! I will be posting official links to the Kickstarter project in the near future. For now:


Twitter: @SkyMachineComic

My profile on our website:\#!connor/cxs5

(This last link is a bit of a leap for me. I've always been somewhat shy about revealing my appearance, preferring to separate it from my fursona, but here we go!)

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