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A Celebrate of the Dead by oneitvan

A Celebrate of the Dead


Even though Halloween have passed us, Mexico is celebrating a three days holiday that is similar to Halloween but with a deeper meaning which is Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead in english).  Cody and Jade are at a local community center building that is celebrating the holiday, and dress in custom made outfits from a certain model. The reason they are there is because Cody is actually part Mexican from his mother side and wants to keep the tradition going, as for Jade it was rare moment where she have Cody to herself ever since the convention incident happen but for now she is enjoying the moment she is having with him. (In an unrelated thought who let that bird in, he's sitting on the sugar skulls plate!! XD)

I would like to thank Jaehthebird for making this by Commission.  He was having a Halloween raffle Commission during his Picarto live stream during the whole month of October, and I somewhat got the last pick for a two character Commision from him. I'm so glad how it turned out as I always want to do one of these holiday themes. If you like this artist artwork then click on his links and support him or even follow him or both.

Cody Walker & Jade Pennyworth Copyright oneitvan

Artwork Copyright Jaehthebird

Jaehthebird's links:
Picarto (Live Stream):