Too Spooky For You, Belle? by oneitvan

Too Spooky For You, Belle?


31 October 2017 at 19:13:26 MDT

It's that time year again Halloween, when everyone dress as someone else for the whole day unless you happen to be one of those people who likes to dress up weeks ealier.  After the gang have just recently came back from a successful trick-or-treating (cause you're never too old to do that), they decide to finish off their day by watching a horror film.  While Jade, Rebecca and Tara were making snacks, Belle, Cody & Sophia were searching until they found a fantastic movie for them to watch.  Both Cody and Sophia were excited about seeing it, however not so much for Belle.  Horror films is not her favorite film genre to watch as she gets scared really easy, and pretends to be her casual self.  Also the reason why Sophia and Belle fast food bags on top of their candies bags is because they did not want to eat all of the snacks during the film so they order some to fill their tummies.

I would like to thank Viroveteruscy for making this by commission.  I always want to get an holiday commission mostly for Halloween, Day of the Dead, and Christmas, and once I saw Viro have open for commissions I could not let it slide. The artist did an excellent job and I'm so glad you open before Halloween X3.  If you like his artstyle, click his sites links to support him.

Artwork Copyright viroveteruscy
Belle Oliver, Cody Walker, & Sophia Wester Copyright oneitvan

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